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Saturday, 4 August 2012

1.I know I don't have the prettiest facefor look at you

  and I don't have the skinniest waist for you to hold,

  but I promise you, I have the biggest heart to love you with'

2.To Stand Strong In Every Condition
  Never Take Help 0f Tears 2 Show Ur Emotions

3.We Can't Beg Someone To Stay If They Want 2 Leave,

  We've 2 Admit Dat Love Doesn't Give Us The License 2 0wn A Person

4.Its Not Very Hard 2 Sacrifice Every Thing 4 Some 0ne1

  But Its Hard 2 Find Dat Some_1 Who Respects Ur Sacrifice.

5.Love and Death Aretwo Uninvited Guests.
  no one Knows When They Come But Both Do The Same Job.

  0ne Takes The Heart and 0ther Takes Its Beat.

6.I Don't Need Someone Who

 Sees Only Good Things In Me


 I Do Need Someone Who

 Knows About The Bad Things

 In Me N And Still Wants To

 Spend The Whole Life With Me.

7.Your beauty and status are to be remembered for some time But

  your good behaviour will rule over the hearts forever.

8.If you love truly You Will die daily But

  if you Filrt truly You Will enjoy daily.

9.verybody knows how to love But only a few people knows

  how to stay in love with one person forever.

10.You Need Power Only When You Want to Do something Harmful.


   politeness & LOVE are enough to Get Anything.

11.What is the most peaceful romantic moment??

   Its when your Lover is sleeping on your shoulder

   and you are watching her innocent face'


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